Farrier Services for Vancouver and the Fraser Valley

As a second-generation farrier, I have learned a patient approach is appreciated by both the horses owners and the horses themselves. I combine old-fashioned methods with some pretty high-tech materials to keep your horses’ feet happy and healthy. Whether you own a backyard pet or a performance horse, they all deserve prompt, professional hoof-care.

I use custom, hand-made shoes or high-quality imported keg shoes. Which is best? Whichever works best for your horse! I hot-shoe for an optimal fit and for the benefit of your horse.

Please call (604) 831-3011 or email: john@johndixon.ca to book an appointment.

Service & Prices

Farrier Services & Prices

I have listed only the basic services so please call or email for a quote if your horse needs specialized work. I offer weekend and evening appointments. I usually return calls in the evenings so please keep that in mind when you leave a call-back number.

Please call (604) 831-3011 or email john@johndixon.ca to book an appointment.

Full Set – $200.00 plus GST
Four new shoes or reset

Fronts – $140.00 plus GST
Front shoes only, trim hinds.

Trim – $50

Prices are subject to change and may vary according to distance travelled and other factors.


I’ve grown up in the business. Literally. My father is Steve Dixon, a successful journeyman farrier. My brother Keith is a farrier too. My mother Linda Mork was a trainer/coach in the hunter/jumper world. I grew up going to horse shows with Mom, shoeing clients and farrier competitions with Dad and helping out at the lesson barn we owned in Maple Ridge. I started hitting steel seriously when I hit my teens and entered my first farrier competition at 16.

In 2017 and 2019 I represented Canada as a member of the Canadian Farrier Team, competing in Stoneleigh, England and throughout the United States and Canada.

I first apprenticed with my Dad and later Iain Ritchie, another well-known and successful farrier, for several years while building up my own clientele. I continue to attend competitions, seminars and events throughout the year to stay current and further my education.